Mix and match the cladding on your garden office

Garden Spaces offer several different exterior finishes for their garden office buildings from practical Thermowood to a new impregnated Siberian Larch, and coloured polymer renders that create a sharp finish.

Garden Spaces also now offer the option of mixing and matching types of cladding on a garden office building. This 5m x 4.2m office which is being used for a home business mixes Western Red Cedar with a pigmented polymer render which has been colour matched with the doors, windows and roof kerb.

Mix and match the cladding on your garden office

The renders that Garden Spaces are using are pre-coloured so will retain their colour without the need to repaint them, making them a low-maintenance option. There is a wide palette of render colours to choose from, so the Garden Spaces team can match them in with your choice of door colour.

The render has created a very sharp looking corner, that has dramatic contrast with the Cedar cladding. Even if the Cedar is left to weather naturally to a silver grey the contrast between the finishes will still be powerful.

Garden Spaces home office buildings have a fully plastered and decorated interior. They are fitted with an ample supply of power sockets and LED downlights.

Mixing and matching cladding finishes is a great way to customise the look of your garden office. Talk to Garden Spaces 0845 387 9 387 to learn more about the finishes they offer or take a look at their extensive website.

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