Set a budget for your garden office

It’s a good idea to set a budget early on in your planning process and stick to it! It can be very tempting to add extra features as you go along and for the price to spiral.

Don’t be embarrassed when setting a budget, as no reputable supplier will force you to spend more than you are comfortable with. For a supplier it’s actually quite useful to know a clients budget early on so you can identify design features, and the size options that can be achieved.

It’s not just the building you need to budget for

It's not just the building you need to budget for when buying a garden office

It’s not just the building you need to budget for when buying a garden office

Remember when setting the budget for your project to allow for extra costs such as Planning Permission plus Building Regulation fees, these can be a few hundred pounds.

Not all suppliers include the foundation in the price of the building and this will be a significant cost, depending on the size of the building and type of foundation specified this could be hundreds of pounds or over a thousand.

In most cases the customer has the cost of connecting the garden offices electrics to the mains supply, this needs to be undertaken by a qualified electrician and can cost hundreds of pounds. A large part of this is made up by running an armored cable from the office to the house, the further away from the house the office is the more it will cost.

There are often additional costs when it comes to warranty on the building, many suppliers offer insurance backed warranties on their buildings – these policies cover you even if the supplier is no longer trading, but there is a premium to pay and some suppliers pass this cost on to the customer.

Delivery costs are an extra you often find, with suppliers now offering UK wide delivery and installation, they pass these costs on to you on top of the building price. Suppliers normally offer a free delivery radius of their base, often 100 miles and then charge per mile, we have seen £3 per mile quoted so this can obviously add up.