Garden Office Expert Woody

Hi, I'm Woody, and I've helped thousands of people find their perfect garden office building, I'd like to help you find yours too.

Some say I am an expert in the garden office industry, but I'm just here to share my inside knowledge so that you make informed buying decisions rather than expensive mistakes - after all, a garden office is a big purchase!

There is a lot to think about when buying a garden office such as whether you will need to apply for Planning Permission, how much buildings cost and the different ways they are built, I can help you with all this.

Along the way, I can also introduce you to the work of some garden office designers who specialise in creating buildings that will tick off everything on your wishlist.

So, let's start the search for your perfect garden office

These are the most recent garden office buildings I've been exploring. It's interesting seeing how different people are using their new offices, the type of work they are doing in them and the materials and design features they chose to personalise their building. You may find inspiration for your own project.

Light filled garden office

Timeless Garden Rooms were recently commissioned to create a light filled garden office for a writer. Natural light is an important consideration when designing a garden office, and your designer will have several tricks up their sleeve for maximising the light in your new workspace. Timeless Garden Rooms are known for their pitched roof garden offices…
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Modular commercial buildings

Garden office buildings are not only for domestic use, many designers will also undertake commissions for commercial buildings. The modular nature and high specification of garden office style buildings lend themselves to a whole host of commercial uses. For instance, many schools are ordering garden office style buildings as additional classrooms. House builders and car…
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Positioning a window above your desk

When buying a garden office your desk or work table is going to be the key piece of furniture where you spend the bulk of your time. Part of the benefit of working in a garden office is that you have a nice view to look out on. You will also want to maximise the natural…
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PIR foil backed insulation is often used to insulate a garden office

Highly insulated garden office building

To ensure that your garden office building is going to be a comfortable space to work all year round you will want to ensure that it is well insulated. This means that it features insulation in the floor, wall and roof structures and couples this with double glazed doors and windows. All the garden offices…
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Fancy building garden offices for a living?

Are you a skilled craftsperson and like the idea of spending your days building beautiful garden office buildings? Well, you need to speak with eDEN Garden Rooms who are currently recruiting. Here are the facts: *RECRUITING* due to expansion we are looking for 2 new members of the installation team! Ideally we need a skilled carpenter…
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Modern pitched roof garden office

When buying a garden office, many people opt for a flat roof design because of the flexibility they offer in positioning it tight to the boundaries of the garden, as laid out in the Permitted Development rules. As you are researching your options, don’t dismiss pitched roof garden office designs, as the extra ceiling height they…
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