Garden Office Expert Woody

Hi, I'm Woody, and I've helped thousands of people find their perfect garden office building, I'd like to help you find yours too.

Some say I am an expert in the garden office industry, but I'm just here to share my inside knowledge so that you make informed buying decisions rather than expensive mistakes - after all, a garden office is a big purchase!

There is a lot to think about when buying a garden office such as whether you will need to apply for Planning Permission, how much buildings cost and the different ways they are built, I can help you with all this.

Along the way, I can also introduce you to the work of some garden office designers who specialise in creating buildings that will tick off everything on your wishlist.

So, let's start the search for your perfect garden office

These are the most recent garden office buildings I've been exploring. It's interesting seeing how different people are using their new offices, the type of work they are doing in them and the materials and design features they chose to personalise their building. You may find inspiration for your own project.

Fence post foundations for a garden office

Fence post foundations for a garden office

There are many types of foundation suitable for use when building a garden office, but fence posts are not one of them. We were recently contacted by someone who was working with a local builder to create a garden office building. Her builder had said that he was going to use fence posts driven into…
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Garden office a journalists choice of workspace

We watched this garden office build take shape on Twitter, so were pleased when Sanctum Garden Studios sent through details of the specification and the finished building. @audiolympics is a sports journalist who wanted to create a dedicated office which offered all the benefits of working from home, but somewhere you could close the door on…
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Second hand garden office

A rare chance has come up to buy an 18-month-old garden office building from the Booths Garden Studios QC6 range. The office is 2730mm x 1820mm and has been used by a school who now need to sell it. The cost of the building new was £10,502, and the school are looking for £7,000. Booths…
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Designing the inside of your garden office

When it comes to functionality and productivity, the interior design of a garden office is just as important as the design of the building itself. There are a handful of garden office manufacturers who understand this balance and offer the option of designing and fitting out of their office’s interiors for clients. One supplier who offers…
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Personal trainer sets up gym business in the garden

We recently wrote about a yoga teacher running her business from a garden office building. Today we have an example of a bespoke design by My Eco Space that is being used by a personal trainer to run his business. Simon, My Eco Space’s client, had been running his successful business from rooms in his…
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Ditch the train, buy a garden office

This January train tickets will rise an average 23%, a staggering price hike just to get to work! Luckily with remote working becoming much easier and accepted by many employers, you have options, and a garden office is a great one. We have just looked up to see what it would cost us to commute annually…
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