A new way of working awaits you at the bottom of the garden...

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A new way of working awaits you at the bottom of the garden

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Garden Office Examples & News

In this section we look at some of the latest garden office builds to give you inspiration for your project. You will also find news of new products & features being adopted by the industry:

Portable garden offices are a long term asset

27 August 2016
Portable garden offices are a long term asset-FI

When buying a garden office to run your business from, it is worth spending some time to consider if you might ever want to move it or sell it on. While most garden offices are modular, they are certainly not all portable. A portable garden office is one that has been designed and manufactured with…

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Garden offices and sloping sites

24 August 2016
Garden offices and sloping sites-FI

In an ideal world the site for every garden office building would be flat and level, in reality, this is not always the case. Thankfully garden office designers have a number of tricks up their sleeve to overcome unlevel sites, for instance, there are several foundation systems to choose from that allow you to build…

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How about a Shepherd’s Hut garden office?

20 August 2016
How about a Shepherds Hut garden office

Have you considered a Shepherd’s Hut as a garden office? There are a number of suppliers who offer fully insulated, electrically wired Shepherds Huts which would be suitable as a home office. We recently heard that Downland Shepherds Huts are launching a new range of huts, apparently their most cost effective yet. The new range…

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Unusual garden office working distractions

18 August 2016
Unusual garden office working distractions-FI

Many of us decide to build a garden office to allow us to work away from the distractions of family life in the main house. Garden offices solve this problem perfectly allowing you to create a clear distinction between home and work life and a peaceful place to work. Garden office working doesn’t come without…

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Google London make use of modular pods

16 August 2016
Google London make use of modular pods-FI

According to Design Week Google has installed 90 modular meeting pods in their new Kings Cross offices. The timber and glass pods are known as ‘Jacks’ and based on a modular building system so that they can easily be reconfigured as teams change and grow. The ‘Jacks’ have a deliberately pared down finish, making use…

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The differences on the budget QCB office by Booths

13 August 2016
Dthe difference between Booths QCB & QC6 garden studios

Booths Garden Studios offer two ranges of building that could be used as a garden office. They offer a Building Regulation compliant range called the QC6 where you have a lot of flexibility on size and the layout of the building. They also offer a budget range called the QCB which is available in a…

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that we are asked time and time again by garden office buyers. Here our our detailed answers:

Do I need to organise the base for my garden office?

Dalle bton

Over the last few weeks we have had a flurry of emails from garden office buyers asking “do I need to organise the base for my garden office?”. The quick answer to the question is sometimes, it depends on the supplier you choose to work with. There are several different foundation systems used by the…

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What types of heating can a garden office have

Garden office heating-1

We recently wrote about how a garden office is a comfortable space to spend time all year round. A key component of this is the inclusion of a heating source in the design. Like any room in your house, a garden office needs heating for the coldest days of the year. In this article we…

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Can a garden office double up as a bedroom

can a garden office be used as a bedroom

We are often asked by prospective buyers whether a garden office can double up as a bedroom. Our answer to this question is yes and no. That’s not very helpful you may think, but as we shall explain some garden office designs can be used as bedrooms and others can’t. To use a garden office…

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Can you have broadband & telephone in a garden office

Router modem internet cable.Home broadband router with cable.

Modern telecommunication systems have made working from home so much easier than it used to be. Broadband has opened up the types of work you can do with home and this is reflected in the growing number of garden offices sold each year. We love the idea that you can connect with anywhere in the…

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