A new workplace revolution is happening at the bottom of the garden.

Let us guide you towards distraction free, no commute working.

The new workplace revolution is happening at the bottom of the garden.

Let us guide you towards distraction free, no commute working.

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A garden office is an expensive purchase that will impact your home and the way you work. We want to ensure you make informed buying decisions, so you end up with 'your perfect' new workspace.

We have therefore distilled our years of industry experience into this site to help you find inspiration for your project, learn how garden offices are built and get an idea of price. We also answer some frequently asked questions which you might find useful and point you in the direction of some specialist garden office suppliers, who will make buying a home office building an enjoyable process.

This first section features our most recent articles that look at some garden office builds and general buying advice.

Factor in exterior lighting into your garden office design

Good lighting is a key element of a successful garden office design. While most of the focus goes on the interior lighting, and this is certainly important. We’d like to encourage you to think about exterior lighting when you are planning your office building. Factoring in exterior lighting isn’t expensive in the general scheme of…
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Run your yoga business from a garden office

We are seeing more and more garden office buildings being used as professional yoga studios, and this one by Green Studios is one of the most striking. It seems that more and more yoga teachers are eschewing drafty village halls in favour of a modern, well-insulated yoga studio in their back garden. These contemporary buildings…
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Detailed time lapse of a garden office build

@Ricardo9874 has added a video of his recent garden office build to YouTube. The ten-minute time-lapse video shows each step of the three-day build, from initial site clearance before the construction team arrive on site, right through to completion of the office. It’s well worth a watch and will show you what is typically involved during the onsite…
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A Swift garden office is full of your choices

Swift Garden Rooms start with a blank sheet when they design a garden office for a client, no two offices they produce are the same. The process starts with informal talks and then moves on to a site visit where they can really get a feel for what you are looking to achieve. After the meeting,…
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Autumn lets natural light into Garden Office HQ

I must be getting old, but I have been struck, like never before, by the poor quality of light the last few weeks have brought. Garden Office HQ has been a little dark to work in, in the afternoon without the lights on. But, with the leaves now falling off the trees, Autumn is naturally…
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Building garden offices for 13 years

Contemporary Garden Rooms are one of the longer established garden office suppliers in the market, having built their first garden office 13 years ago. The Contemporary Garden Rooms team have been delving into the archive of their builds and came across a photo of garden office number one. Ahead of their time When we think…
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Garden office is a designers den

At £5,495 plus delivery, the 2.4m x 2.4m Hampton by Sanctum Garden Studios is one of the most cost effective garden offices on the market. The simple design is popular as it includes a glazed front elevation. It also is popular as it can be installed on site in just one day. The Hampton garden…
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Reinforced concrete slab a solution to a steeply sloping site

There are lots of foundation systems used in garden office design today; each supplier has their preferred choice, but the ultimate decision should be made on a case by case basis, based on the site conditions in the area you plan to build. A key situation, where additional thought has to be given to the foundation choice,…
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Winter is an okay time to build a garden office

If you are just starting thinking about buying a garden office, the chances are that it will be installed during the winter months of 2017. Over the years we have heard people say that they don’t think this is a very good time to build a garden office, as they worry the inclement weather could…
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Garden offices are weathertight by design

We were asked the other day if a garden office is a weathertight structure, which will keep its contents protected and stand the test of time. The short answer is YES. Although often called posh sheds a garden office is more akin to a one room modern timber frame house. Like the modern timber frame houses…
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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that we are asked time and time again by garden office buyers. Here are our detailed answers:

So, what is a garden office

In basic terms a garden office is a single storey building normally situated in the rear garden of a house. The idea of adding a detached building away from the main house has become very popular over the last 20 years as it is a very quick and cost effective way of extending your living…
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How do you buy a garden office

When you are buying a garden office you will be dealing directly with the manufacturer of the building for the whole process. Buying a garden office is effectively a series of steps: Step One Research the market. You are making a good start with this step by visiting this website, we suggest you really explore…
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How much do garden offices cost

This is always one of the first questions buyers ask us or search for on this site, and in this article we will try to give you an idea of garden office costs. The price of a garden office will depend on its size, the level of specification and whether you choose a modular design…
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Do you need Planning Permission to build a garden office

This is one of the first questions you should ask when buying a garden office. The answer depends on where you live, the shape of garden office you are building and how close to the boundaries of your garden you want to site it, and the type of work you will undertake in it. Luckily…
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Can you really use a garden office all year round

With this question it is important to remember that garden offices are not just posh sheds. They are actually designed more like a one room house. They are made up from several layers like a house which combine to create a building which is a comfortable place to work all year round. But are they…
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Can you have broadband & telephone in a garden office

Modern telecommunication systems have made working from home so much easier than it used to be. Broadband has opened up the types of work you can do with home and this is reflected in the growing number of garden offices sold each year. We love the idea that you can connect with anywhere in the…
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can a garden office be used as a bedroom

Can a garden office double up as a bedroom

We are often asked by prospective buyers whether a garden office can double up as a bedroom. Our answer to this question is yes and no. That’s not very helpful you may think, but as we shall explain some garden office designs can be used as bedrooms and others can’t. To use a garden office…
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What types of heating can a garden office have

We recently wrote about how a garden office is a comfortable space to spend time all year round. A key component of this is the inclusion of a heating source in the design. Like any room in your house, a garden office needs heating for the coldest days of the year. In this article we…
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Do I need to organise the base for my garden office?

Over the last few weeks we have had a flurry of emails from garden office buyers asking “do I need to organise the base for my garden office?”. The quick answer to the question is sometimes, it depends on the supplier you choose to work with. There are several different foundation systems used by the…
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How long does it take to buy a garden office

Buying a garden office is one of the quickest ways of adding an extra room to your house, in fact, you could have your new office installed and ready to use in a month from now. While lead times on garden offices depend on the complexity of the design, whether you need to apply for…
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Learn About Garden Office Construction

Garden office construction owes its origins to timber frame house building.  In fact, you'll find the materials used are the same as those that are regularly used to build a house or on commercial buildings, so you can be assured your office will be highly durable.

There are several building systems used in garden office construction from traditional timber frames to house quality structural insulated panels.

These articles explore the different elements of garden office construction, they will help you make informed buying decisions.

Garden office structure

There are several different structural systems used in garden office construction – from traditional building methods of creating a skeleton of timbers to high tech engineered panel systems. The quality of the garden office structure can vary from supplier to supplier, some firms adopt a system that creates the thinnest of structures which are quick…
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Garden office cladding materials

We’ve talked in detail how the profile of external cladding effects the appearance of a garden office, but your choice of cladding material will also have a significant impact on the buildings appearance. As well as having an aesthetic influence, your choice of external cladding material will also effect the amount of on going maintenance…
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Garden office electrics

The garden office electrics will play a key part in the usability of your building as a home office. This article covers the basic electrical set up and explains what is asked of you, the customer, but we advise you also read our lighting, heating, communications and security guides before deciding on your electrical specification.…
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Garden office heating

One of the most common questions prospective garden office buyers have is ‘are they warm in winter?’, well if you choose a well insulated and double glazed design and include a source of heating you can be assured it will be. Not all garden office deigns include heating You need to check that your choice…
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Garden office insulation

Insulation is a key aspect of garden office design, and vital if you want to be able to use the building comfortably all year round. We all know that insulation is essential for keeping warm in the winter, but people forget that its the insulation in our home which stop us over heating in summer!…
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Garden office foundations

Any building is only as good as its foundation system, and garden offices are no different. A few years ago the only option when building a garden office was to create a concrete slab foundation, and whilst this remains a popular option with many suppliers, there are now a number of new garden office foundation…
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