A new way of working awaits you at the bottom of the garden...

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A new way of working awaits you at the bottom of the garden

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Garden Office Examples & News

In this section we look at some of the latest garden office builds to give you inspiration for your project. You will also find news of new products & features being adopted by the industry:

A garden office is a cool place to work in summer

27 July 2016
You won't be looking like this working in a garden office. Because of their design a garden office is a comfortable place to work on the hottest days of the year

The recent heatwave has made us very grateful that our own garden office is so well insulated and full of features to keep it cool. We have been able to work comfortably inside Garden Office HQ while the temperature rose outside. It’s all down to good design The fact that our garden office and hundreds…

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3m x 3m Garden Office

24 July 2016
Garden Office by Garden Fortress-4002

We are liking this 3m x 3m garden office by Garden Fortress. This contemporary style building has a small veranda with a canopy above on the front elevation, this adds some interest and depth to the design. The canopy has external grade LED down-lights, which will create a curtain of light along the front of…

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Traditional style garden office

21 July 2016
Traditional style garden office-400

If you are looking for a more traditional style garden office, you’ll be interested in this recent build by Timeless Garden Rooms. Timeless Garden Rooms are known for their pitched roof garden rooms that are built in a traditional style, with decorative features like scalloped barge boards and painted cladding. This customer wanted all these…

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Garden office lighting

19 July 2016

We have talked before about how important lighting is in a garden office. Part of the appeal with a garden office is that by combining doors and windows, and giving thought to their position you can flood the room with natural light. But, artificial light is important too. We spotted this infographic that shows how…

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4m x 3m Garden Office by Garden Fortress

17 July 2016
Garden Office by Garden Fortress-400

Garden Fortress have recently completed this 4m x 3m garden office in Surrey. The contemporary styled building has a set of French doors on the front elevation. The customer chose these as an upgrade to the standard option of sliding doors. There is a desk height top-hung window on the side elevation. The garden office…

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Swift receive customer satisfaction award

15 July 2016
IWA Customer Satisfaction Cert - Swift 2016 400

Its always interesting to hear what a previous customer thought about working with a garden office supplier. Most garden office suppliers will have a testimonials section on their website. Other suppliers use independent review systems. Swift Garden Rooms offer warranties on their garden offices via the IWA. As part of the cover they offer, they…

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that we are asked time and time again by garden office buyers. Here our our detailed answers:

What types of heating can a garden office have

Garden office heating-1

We recently wrote about how a garden office is a comfortable space to spend time all year round. A key component of this is the inclusion of a heating source in the design. Like any room in your house, a garden office needs heating for the coldest days of the year. In this article we…

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Can a garden office double up as a bedroom

can a garden office be used as a bedroom

We are often asked by prospective buyers whether a garden office can double up as a bedroom. Our answer to this question is yes and no. That’s not very helpful you may think, but as we shall explain some garden office designs can be used as bedrooms and others can’t. To use a garden office…

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Can you have broadband & telephone in a garden office

Router modem internet cable.Home broadband router with cable.

Modern telecommunication systems have made working from home so much easier than it used to be. Broadband has opened up the types of work you can do with home and this is reflected in the growing number of garden offices sold each year. We love the idea that you can connect with anywhere in the…

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Can you really use a garden office all year round

Can you really use a garden office all year round 1

With this question it is important to remember that garden offices are not just posh sheds. They are actually designed more like a one room house. They are made up from several layers like a house which combine to create a building which is a comfortable place to work all year round. But are they…

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