How do people pay for garden offices?

A garden office is a significant purchase and not everyone has the money just sitting in the bank! Buyers choose several ways of funding their new office space.


Because it’s effectively a house extension, many garden office buyers take money on their mortgage to fund it, this obviously spreads the cost over a long period.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is another option, but you should take advice as rates can vary.

Credit Cards

Whilst it’s an idea to make payments on a credit card as it offers you cover if there is a problem with the product, it’s not a viable option for actually financing a garden office because of the high interest rates.


Business Loans

If you are running a business from a garden office a business loan could be a good idea, the payments then become a cost of the business.


Many garden office suppliers now offer finance options these vary from supplier to supplier but the basic premise is that you make an initial payment and then monthly payments over a number of years, depending on your contract there maybe a final balloon payment – it’s a very similar way to buying a car on finance.