Garden Office Design Details

We have put together a series of articles which look at the different elements of garden office construction and the popular design features offered by suppliers.

Garden office foundations

The first job when building a garden office, the foundations are a key part of the design. There are lots of different types used.

Garden office floor construction

The structure of a garden office is built off the floor frame so its important that its of sturdy construction.

Garden office structure

There are several different building systems used in garden office design. Some systems are the same as those used in housebuilding. Others are lighter weight, quicker to build and more cost effective.

Garden office insulation

To ensure your garden office is comfortable to work in all year round, it needs to be well insulated. Many designs are as well insulated as modern houses.

Garden office external cladding

Your choice of cladding will play an important role in the aesthetics of the building. We look at the common cladding profiles used in garden office design.

Garden office cladding materials

Once you have decided on a cladding profile, you then need to think about the material used. There is a lot of choice from durable cedar which needs little maintenance to man-made boards,

Garden office building membranes

To protect the core structure of the building its important that different membranes are present in the build-up of the structure.

Garden office roof shapes

The garden office industry is dominated with flat roof designs because they are Planning Permission friendly, but there are several other shapes which offer a lot of character.

Garden office roof coverings

There are many different roof coverings used in garden office design from durable rubber membranes to beautiful natural slates and wooden shingles. Each adds its own aesthetic appeal to a building.

Garden office rainwater collection

Like with any building thought needs to be given as to how you will deal with the rainwater that will run off your garden office. Most suppliers have thought of this for you

Garden office doors

Most garden offices are fitted with the same door units as used in modern housebuilding. Your choice of door will have a significant effect on the feel and useability of your garden office.

Garden office windows

There are many styles of window used in garden office design from traditional casements to large expanses of floor to ceiling glazing.

Garden office flooring

Most garden office designs include a floor covering, but not all so check with your supplier. We look at the finishes commonly offered.

Garden office interiors

Do you want your garden office to have an interior like a room in your house? Or are you looking for something a little more industrial or quirky? We look at the different finishes offered.

Garden office heating

Not all garden offices are sold with a heating source. In our experience we have always been pleased to have a heater for the coldest days of the year. We look at the systems commonly used in garden office design.

Garden office electrics

Most dedicated garden office designs have well specified electrical systems so that you can just move into the office and start work.

Garden office lighting

Several different lighting systems are used in garden office design from surface mounted spotlights to recessed down-lights in the ceiling.

Garden office communications

Garden office designers want to create a building for you where you can plug in your equipment and start work. To aid this they include data cabling for the internet and audio visual systems.

Garden offices with kitchens, toilets & shower rooms

Its becoming very popular to create self contained garden office units with their own toilet and kitchen facilities.

Garden office security

Generally garden offices are very secure, but there are a few design choices you can make to ensure they are as secure as possible.