About Us

Having built our first garden office back in the late 1990's, worked from one for almost as long and written about garden offices over on The Garden Room Guide since 2009 we have learnt quite a lot about garden office buildings.

This experience has taught us that while garden rooms and offices are essentially the same building, buying a building that is going to be used to work from or to run a business from is a different process and required a specialist website to guide prospective buyers through the process.

We are very conscious that a garden office is a significant purchase that will have an impact on your house and the way you work. We want to ensure you make informed buying decisions along the way. This is why we have created this dedicated site and broken down the buying process into bite size chunks.

We look at the things you should think about in the early stages like whether you will require Planning Permission and the difference between modular & bespoke design services as well as giving you an indication of garden office prices.

We then move on to look at the different construction systems used in garden office design and the popular materials and finishes used - after all; you will be invited to have a lot of input into the layout and finishes of your new office.

We're here to share our industry knowledge

As we said, we first built a garden office back in the 1990's. In 2006 an accident stopped us in our tracks and forced us to take a different direction. After a family member had said ' it's a shame, as you have so much knowledge you are now not using' we started writing about garden rooms of all types over on The Garden Room Guide in 2009. What started as a hobby morphed into a business in 2012 and is now the largest buyers guide in the industry.

Knowing that garden office buyers were looking for specific information relating to creating a building to work from we created the Garden Office Guide in 2014, sharing our inside knowledge as a garden office workers, designers, builders and now a  team that have a unique position in the market.

If you have a question about buying a garden office, feel free to email us, and we'll try and help.

Work with a specialist

The garden office suppliers we write about on this site and link to all have experience in tailoring their buildings around the specific needs of someone looking to work from home.

We think when buying a garden office, it is important that you work with a specialist firm who fully understand the differences between designing a building for work rather than leisure use.

The Garden Room Guide & Garden Office Guide are titles of Square Meter Media Limited. Our registered address is: St Mary's House, Netherhampton, Salisbury SP2 8PU Click here if you need to email us.