Insuring a garden office

One of your first tasks once your garden office is complete is to insure it, but this isn’t always as simple as ringing your house insurer and adding the garden office to your policy.

A home garden office is a professional workspace

Your current home insurer is a good starting point, but they may well say that a garden office is not covered. You can however find policies that cover outbuildings.

Feedback from garden office owners tells us that speaking to a local insurance broker is the solution and they will find a policy that will cover the structure of your garden office building. They will probably want details of the structure of the building to ensure it is substantial, and they will ask about locks etc. You may find that they make exclusions for flat roof garden offices.

To protect the contents of your garden office you will require a separate insurance policy, typically garden office workers have business contents insurance, they will ask you for details on what you want to cover and where the equipment will be stored.