Before You Buy Your Garden Office

A garden office is a significant purchase and will change the way you work, so its important that you research your options to avoid costly mistakes. 

We have grouped together these articles that we suggest you read before you go too far down the buying process.

What is a garden office?

In this brief introduction we hope to show you that a garden office is much more than a 'posh shed'!

How much do garden offices cost?

It all depends on the size and the specification you choose, but quality garden offices range in price from £5,000 to an eye watering £75,000+

Do you need to apply for Planning Permission?

This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself when planning a garden office

Set a budget for your project

Its very easy to get carried away with designer features and extras when buying a garden office so set a budget early on.

Research your options

There are so many suppliers and different styles of garden office, so to ensure you get the right one for you, you need to research your options.

Connecting your garden office to the mains

One of the few things often not included in the cost of a garden office is the connection of the electrics to mains supply.

Is a bespoke garden office much more expensive?

Many people fear that bespoke design is much more expensive than a standard design, but you need to weigh up that you get a unique building tailored to your needs.

Telling people you are working from a garden office

There are a few people you need to tell if you plan to work from a garden office eg. its written into many mortgage agreements that you inform them if you work from home.

Protect yourself when buying a garden office

A garden office is a big investment and you should consider protecting yourself during each stage of the build. For instance you can take an insurance to protect your deposit.

Choosing a supplier

There are so many garden office suppliers to choose from. We have put together some tips on how to choose one over another.

How do people pay for a garden office?

People pay for a garden office in different ways, some add it to their mortgage, others pay cash and some take up the finance options offered by the suppliers.

A visual guide to Permitted Development

Most garden offices can be built under the Permitted Development rules. We have added some images to show the rules in the garden office context.

How much preparation do you need to do?

It varies from supplier to supplier as to how much preparation you will be expected to do, some will ask you to clear the site, others will ask you to arrange the foundation. Others will handle everything for you.

A garden office makes good business sense

If you are buying a garden office for business use its worth talking with your accountant as some designs are more tax efficient than others. They will also advise you on the best way to pay for the building to make it cash flow friendly

Will a garden office work for you?

A garden office is a cost effective way of creating dedicated working space, and it could also prove a good investment too.

Future proofing your garden office

You will want to ensure your building is still useful in 10 or 20+ years, and there are a few simple decisions you can make now to future proof the building.

Add value to your house with a garden office

Its generally agreed that a quality garden office can add value to you house. Forecasts vary but range between 5 and 15% so you should get your investment back.

Garden office aftercare

Like any building a garden office will need some ongoing maintenance to keep it in tip top condition, but its a good idea to know what you'll need to do before buying.

Log cabins don't always make good garden offices

We know the price point of log cabin style buildings is appealing but some models are not ideal for use as a garden office because they lack insulation and they require quite a bit of maintenance.

A quick and cost effective way to gain extra living space

A garden office is not only one of the quickest ways to build an extra room its also one of the most cost effective.

Aren't garden rooms, offices & studios the same thing?

It can be argued that a garden room, office, studio or den is one and the same thing. In reality garden office design is a specialist niche where great thought is given to the design and function of the workspace.