Luxury studio for yoga business

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a boost in the numbers of yoga teachers buying a garden office type building to run their classes from. A studio in the garden makes good sense for yoga teachers looking to grow their business. A custom designed building in the garden has a huge edge on renting space in a drafty hall. It will make you stand out in the market and offers you all the flexibility of working from home.

eDEN Garden Rooms have created a few buildings over the years for yoga businesses so are in tune with the specific needs of a yoga studio. They were recently approached by a client who wanted to create a luxury studio in her London garden for her yoga business. The client had a very specific brief in that they wanted to maximise the size of the building in what was a ‘non-square’ plot. The interior of the studio needed to have a luxury feel and also be naturally light and airy. They wanted to create a discreet storage area for gardening equipment, bikes, etc. and a large deck area for relaxing and to allow classes to spill outside on sunny days.

Luxury studio for yoga business

Bespoke design was the answer

As is so often the case, the boundaries of the garden were not ‘square’. If a standard rectangular or square building were built, there would be an unserviceable void behind the building. This would be dead space, space that would be much more valuable if it could be incorporated into the yoga studio. As bespoke garden office designers, eDEN Garden Rooms were able to design a building that followed the lines of boundaries. As you can see from this plan view a wedge-shaped building has been created.

Luxury studio for yoga business

The clever thing about this design is that from the front of the building you would think it was perfectly square, it is only when standing inside that you will be aware that the rear wall is set at an angle.

Bi-fold doors create an inside-outside studio

A 5-leaf set of bi-fold doors not only floods the yoga studio with natural light, but they will push back to one side to create a free flowing space between the inside and outside areas. This will create great airflow on hot days, but will also allow the yoga classes to spill outside onto the deck.

Luxury studio for yoga business

The deck has been designed around a tree

Trees often need to be designed around when building a garden office. With this project, there was a tree in the area where the deck was to sit. Bespoke designers like eDEN Garden Rooms have tricks up their sleeve for working around trees and incorporating them into the design.

Luxury studio for yoga business

When designing around a tree, thought has to be given to the location of the roots, and any structure needs to be built so that the tree has room to grow. In this case, eDEN Garden Rooms have built the deck so that the tree has room to breathe and grow over the coming years.

Cedar cladding both inside and out

As you can see the exterior of this building has be clad in Western Red Cedar, this is a very popular choice for the exterior of a garden office as it has a long lifespan, needs little maintenance and creates a contemporary look.

While Cedar is a common finish on garden offices externally, we have only seen it used internally a dozen or so times. In this case, a feature wall has been created with the same Cedar cladding as was used externally. The Cedar creates a very tactile finish, it has a rich colouring and beautiful sweet aroma, we think it looks fantastic!

Luxury studio for yoga business

The rest of the interior is fully plastered and decorated, coupled with a laminate wood flooring. This mix of finishes and the large set of bi-fold doors has created a room with a light and airy feel.

A discreet storage shed sits alongside

A storage area for bikes and garden tools was part of the initial brief, and this has been created alongside the main yoga studio. The storage area has its own access, but this has been matched into the wall cladding so you can barely see it. This building has two distinct uses that sit well together under one well-designed roof.

To learn more about this project and how you could create a similar studio for your business talk to eDEN Garden Rooms on 0800 0935 339 or visit their website.

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