Is a bespoke garden office much more expensive?

Bespoke costs so much more than standard

This heading is a misconception.

We all know to have something individually designed and tailor made is expensive – think bespoke jewellery, suits and kitchens, and whilst you will pay a bit more for a bespoke garden office, its not that much more, and you will end up with a new space built just for you.

do-bespoke-garden-offices-cost-more-than-standard-onesWe thought it would interesting to show comparison cost between a bespoke build and a similar standard design.

Using our tool. there is a 3m x 4m bespoke design, with cedar cladding, aluminum clad doors, fully plastered interior etc. The supplier quotes a price for a similar build depending on your choices will cost between £17,000 to £22,000. Compare this price with a similar size and spec as a standard design, with no extra’s selected and you are  looking at £17,000 – so it’s not vastly more expensive to commission a bespoke design.

Of course if you specify elements that need to be custom made, your budget can spiral, but don’t be put off by bespoke design because it’s too expensive, get a quote from a bespoke supplier and see how the propositions measure up.